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RE: Finding a good lender

Finding a lender I think is the wrong way about it. It's like trying to find an investor cold. You're best getting a referral, in my opinion, because what you're after is a relationship. The warmer the relationship is when you start it, the faster you can reach the level of trust you want to get some accelerated treatment.

I don't know enough about home services to guesstimate how a seller might react to those kind of terms. That said, I'm a huge fan of seller financing. But it doesn't work for everyone.

Seller financing works well if the seller doesn't hold much debt. If they do have debt, that will eat into their calculations. If you propose a leveraged seller to do some seller financing, they would likely decline the terms because they simply could not afford them after servicing their debt.

If Maslow were to make a pyramid of what sellers want most, it'd be something like:

1) All cash

2) Cash + seller financing (10% and under usually easy, anything over becomes a factor)

3) Cash + earn out (financing doesn't have conditions, earn-outs do)

3) Cash + loan (depends how quickly you close, but it's a yellow flag at minimum for some)

4) Cash + loan + earnout/seller financing

5) Cash + loan + earnout + seller financing

6) Anything more complicated than that is not even worth trying IMO

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