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Hey Eyal, awesome blog you've got here, I'm from NZ so has been even more interesting to me following along! I recently micro-acquired my first Shopify Saas as well and am working on that in a similar style to you at a smaller scale.

When you refer to pricing up and down, how do you approach/analyse this personally? My Shopify App currently has a single $29.99/month plan, and I'm leaning towards pricing down at free/$4.99 + % commission like you do with Batch (so people don't have as much fear of getting started) and pricing up to $49.99/$59.99 for extra functionality.

Would be interested though if you've got a better system of approaching this!

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Congratulations on the acquisition and thanks for the excellent post (and the rest of your blog, worth every penny of the subscription), extremely instructive and inspiring!

One thing I was wondering, does doing these "cross-border" acquisitions (ie. acquiring an APAC product whilst being based in Canada) add any complexity to the acquisition / asset transfer process in your experience?

And on a related note - is there any operational pain points with regards to sales taxes (ie. end customers of the app being based in APAC) or is it all taken care of by shopify?

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