Apr 21, 2022Liked by Eyal Toledano

Interesting concept. As a builder I like the idea of selling free cashflow for upfront capital, but only if I need that upfront capital. As an investor - I love the idea since Im buying into reliable cash generating businesses but would question web3 as the delivery channel.

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May 12, 2022·edited May 12, 2022

Came here from an Indie hacker comment. Very interesting read!

What are your thoughts on a micro-PE type lending solution? So offering a loan for a leveraged buyout of a micro SaaS collateralised by the assets (or MRR) of the biz being acquired itself?

e.g I want to acquire a 250K SaaS generating 10K MRR , so i put (say) 30% down and fund the rest of the loan from the SaaS' (being sold) MRR itself.

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