From start to finish, learn how I'm tracking customer key events and behaviour across the portfolio
A spooky month of large refactors, churn & support team tooling. Reached $100k+ Cash on cash. Closing MRR: $24k
Building/training team, expanding Shopify ad spend, reorganized & improved Reconcilely code & paternity. Closing MRR: $23.8k
Postcode Shipping onboarding, Reconcilely roadmapping, revenue milestones & reached $1m+ valuation. Closing MRR: $23.2k/$15k
An exclusive look into a six-digit micro-acquisition
T6M Report, New Acquisition, Reaching + Surpassing Fund I Goals & Player 2 Has Joined The Game 💸
Dissolved + new deals, revenue milestones, challenges bootstrapping Batch. Closing MRR: $5.28k / $15k (35% to goal)
Salty you missed out on GameStop?
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