Holiday break, revenue contraction from seasonality + actual churn. Installs slightly down. 30 day revenue: $28.2k

December 2022

Sideways MRR action but cashflow slump. Designing MicroAngel LP + MicroAngel playbook as an investment. 30-day Revenue: $31k

November 2022

Reached 70% cash-on-cash, passed $30k MRR, adjusted selling multiples, new outreach campaign. 30-day Revenue: $31.45k

October 2022

Team fatigue, exciting MRR & MOIC milestones, high holidays, DAO pivot & a fun web3 project. 30-day Revenue: $29.45k

September 2022

Pricing update oops, listing requirements, support tool consolidation & expansion mechanisms. Closing MRR: $27.76k

August 2022

Yearly pricing boost, new team member, support platform migration & cash-on-cash acceleration. Closing MRR: $26.6k

July 2022

Fund success! Passed 2.7x total return & 50%+ cash/cash, annual experiment successes & growth optimization. Closing MRR: $26k

June 2022

Planning the next great adventure, growth experiment wins, pricing research, strategy & roll out. Closing MRR: $25.32k

May 2022

Exploring game theory components to give life to a two-sided marketplace & designing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization
A quarter million in cash returns, new product improvements, pricing model redesign and a BizDev win. Closing MRR: $25.25k

April 2022

Where do we go from here? Exploring how to elicit the maximum potential out of the MicroAngel model
Doubling down on content, SEO momentum, Shopify billing investigation & COVID time-sink. Closing MRR: $23.80k