Exploring game theory components to give life to a two-sided marketplace & designing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization
A quarter million in cash returns, new product improvements, pricing model redesign and a BizDev win. Closing MRR: $25.25k
Where do we go from here? Exploring how to elicit the maximum potential out of the MicroAngel model
Doubling down on content, SEO momentum, Shopify billing investigation & COVID time-sink. Closing MRR: $23.80k
New Reconcilely website, reached $200k cash-on-cash, new content and outbound sales process. Closing MRR: $25.5k
One year anniversary, $300K ARR and 30% cash-on-cash milestone, and a focus on growth systems. Closing MRR: $25.37k
Defining goals, benchmarking KPIs, drafting experiments and creating a growth roadmap for Reconcilely & Postcode Shipping
Seasonal MRR and user acquisition fluctuations, Black Friday + Cyber Monday and deep product work. Closing MRR: $24.11k
Cash-on-cash wins, shipping product improvements, removing zombie accounts and a brand refresh. Closing MRR: $24.7k
From start to finish, learn how I'm tracking customer key events and behaviour across the portfolio
A spooky month of large refactors, churn & support team tooling. Reached $100k+ Cash on cash. Closing MRR: $24k
Building/training team, expanding Shopify ad spend, reorganized & improved Reconcilely code & paternity. Closing MRR: $23.8k